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julio 1, 2020

Associationbetween hyperoxia and mortality in severely burned patients

CONCLUSIONS: Burn patients are exposed to higher concentrations of pure oxygen compared to other critically-ill patients, presumably for empiric treatment of carbon monoxide poisoning. Our data showed a liberal use of oxygen therapy across all patients. Considering the potentially negative effects of hyperoxia, this study exposes either a gap in clinical research or need for clearer indications.

Update of the treatment of nosocomial pneumonia in the ICU

In accordance with the recommendations of, amongst others, the Surviving Sepsis Campaign and the recently published European treatment guidelines for hospital-acquired pneumonia (HAP) and ventilator-associated pneumonia (VAP), in the event of a patient with such infections, empirical antibiotic treatment must be appropriate and administered as early as possible. The aim of this manuscript is to update treatment protocols by reviewing recently published studies on the treatment of nosocomial…

Biofilm formation on three different endotracheal tubes: a prospective clinical trial

CONCLUSION: High-grade biofilm formation on ETTs was associated with development of VAP. Compared to the uncoated PVC ETTs, the silicone-coated and noble-metal-coated PVC ETTs were independently associated with reduced high-grade biofilm formation. Further research on methods to prevent, monitor, and manage biofilm occurrence is needed.