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noviembre 7, 2020

LC-MS/MS method for nine different antibiotics

CONCLUSION: The presented method is precise and accurate and was introduced in a university hospital, permitting fast TDM of all nine analytes. It was also used in a clinical study for measuring cefazolin free and total concentrations.

The membrane mucin Msb2 regulates aflatoxin biosynthesis and pathogenicity in fungus Aspergillus flavus

As a pathogenic fungus, Aspergillus flavus can produce carcinogenic aflatoxins (AFs), which poses a great threat to crops and animals. Msb2, the signalling mucin protein, is a part of mitogen-activated protein kinase (MAPK) pathway which contributes to a range of physiological processes. In this study, the roles of membrane mucin Msb2 were explored in A. flavus by the application of gene disruption. The deletion of msb2 gene (Δmsb2) caused defects in vegetative growth, sporulation and sclerotia…