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abril 6, 2021, Page 2

Discovery of new pyrimidopyrrolizine/indolizine-based derivatives as P-glycoprotein inhibitors: Design, synthesis, cytotoxicity, and MDR reversal activities

Targeting P-glycoprotein (P-gp, ABCB1 transporter), which plays an essential role in multi-drug resistance (MDR) in cancers, with new cytotoxic agents is a promising strategy in cancer chemotherapy. In the current study, we report the synthesis of thirteen novel pyrimidopyrrolizine, pyrimidoindolizine, and diazepinopyrrolizine derivatives. The new compounds exhibited cytotoxic activities against MCF7, A2780 and HT29 cancer cell lines (IC(50) = 0.02-19.58 μM) and MRC5 (IC(50) = 0.17-20.57 μM)….

Emergence of a Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium ST34 isolate, CFSA629, carrying a novel mcr-1.19 variant cultured from egg in China

CONCLUSIONS: We report on an MDR S. Typhimurium ST34 CFSA629 isolate cultured from egg in China, harbouring an mcr-1.19 variant mapped to an IncHI2 plasmid. This highlights the importance of surveillance to mitigate dissemination of mcr-encoding genes among foodborne Salmonella. Improved surveillance is important for tackling the dissemination of mcr genes among foodborne Salmonella around the world.

Hospital antibiotic prescribing patterns in adult patients according to the WHO Access, Watch and Reserve classification (AWaRe): results from a worldwide point prevalence survey in 69 countries

CONCLUSIONS: We observed considerable variations in AWaRe prescribing and high use of Watch antibiotics, particularly in lower- and upper-middle-income countries, followed by high-income countries. The WHO AWaRe classification has an instrumental role to play in local and national stewardship activities to assess prescribing patterns and to inform and evaluate stewardship activities.