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abril 25, 2021

Bioburden contamination and Staphylococcus aureus colonization associated with firefighter’s ambulances

Ambulance vehicles are an essential part of emergency clinical services. Bioburden control in ambulances, through cleaning and disinfection, is crucial to minimize hospital-acquired infections, cross contamination and exposure of patients and ambulances’ crew. In Portugal, firefighter crews are responsible, besides fire extinction, for first aid and urgent pre-hospital treatment. This study assessed the bioburden in Portuguese firefighters’ ambulances with a multi-approach protocol using active…

Prophylactic application of antibiotics selects extended-spectrum β-lactamase and carbapenemases producing Gram-negative bacteria in the oral cavity

Prophylactic administration of broad-spectrum antibiotics in surgery can change the oral microbiome and induce colonization of oral cavity with Gram-negative bacteria including multidrug (MDR) or extensively- drug resistant (XDR) organisms which can lead to lower respiratory tract infections. The aim of the study was to analyze the Gram-negative isolates obtained from oral cavity of the mechanically ventilated patients in ICUs, after prophylactic application of antibiotics and their resistance…

Antimicrobial resistance surveillance of Clostridioides difficile in Australia, 2015-18

CONCLUSIONS: The majority of C. difficile isolated in Australia did not show reduced susceptibility to antimicrobials recommended for treatment of CDI (vancomycin, metronidazole and fidaxomicin). Resistance to carbapenems and fluoroquinolones was low and MDR was uncommon; however, clindamycin resistance was frequent. One fluoroquinolone-resistant ribotype 027 strain was detected.

In-vitro tumor microenvironment models containing physical and biological barriers for modelling multidrug resistance mechanisms and multidrug delivery strategies

The complexity and heterogeneity of the three-dimensional (3D) tumor microenvironment have brought challenges to tumor studies and cancer treatment. The complex functions and interactions of cells involved in tumor microenvironment have led to various multidrug resistance (MDR) and raised challenges for cancer treatment. Traditional tumor models are limited in their ability to simulate the resistance mechanisms and not conducive to the discovery of multidrug resistance and delivery processes….

Resistance to ceftazidime/avibactam in infections and colonizations by KPC-producing Enterobacterales: a systematic review of observational clinical studies

Ceftazidime/avibactam (CAZ-AVI), approved in 2015, is an important first-line option for KPC-producing Enterobacterales (KPC-E). Although still uncommon, resistance to CAZ-AVI has emerged and may represents a serious cause of concern. We performed a systematic literature review of clinical and microbiological features of infections and colonizations from CAZ-AVI-resistant KPC-E, focused on the in vivo emergence of CAZ-AVI resistance in different clinical scenarios. Twenty-three papers were…