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mayo 23, 2021

Mechanical ventilation enhances Acinetobacter baumannii-induced lung injury through JNK pathways

CONCLUSION: A.b. is potent in inducing neutrophil infiltration in the lungs and total protein in the BALF. MV enhances A.b.-induced lung injury through an increase in the expression of VCAM and IL-6 levels in the BALF and a decrease in the bacteria-killing activity of AMs. A lower inflammation level in JNK1^(-/-) mice indicates that A.b.-induced VAP causes lung injury through JNK signaling pathway in the lungs.

Motivating antibiotic stewardship in Bangladesh: identifying audiences and target behaviours using the behaviour change wheel

CONCLUSIONS: We prioritised drug shops for intervention delivery to all drug shop staff and their customers to improve antibiotic stewardship. Knowledge deficits among these groups were notable and considered amenable to change using a SBCC intervention addressing improved health seeking behaviours, improved health literacy on antibiotic use, and provision of information on policy governing shops. Further intervention refinement should consider using participatory methods and address the impact…