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julio 3, 2021

Bloodstream infections in adult patients with malignancy, epidemiology, microbiology, and risk factors associated with mortality and multi-drug resistance

CONCLUSIONS: The emergence of MDR gram-negative BSI is a significant healthcare problem in oncology centers. The high proportion of the most frequently isolated pathogens were CR and ESBL-producing Enterobacterales and Pseudomonas spp. We have few effective choices against MDRGN BSI, especially in high-risk cancer patients, which necessitate newer treatment options.

On the usefulness of sink index in characterizing the degree of nonsinkness in dissolution studies

To accurately quantify the nonsinkness in dissolution testing of supersaturating formulations, our group previously introduced a dimensionless Sink Index (SI): SI=Cs/(Dose/V), where Cs is the solubility of crystalline drug, V the volume of dissolution medium, and Dose the total amount of drug in the test sample. The objective of this study is to test whether one can consistently generate similar (or superimposable) kinetic solubility profiles (KSP) from a given amorphous solid dispersion (ASD)…

A multidisciplinary approach to reduce and refine antimicrobial drugs use for diarrhoea in dairy calves

This study evaluated the impact of a multidisciplinary intervention to reduce and refine antimicrobial drug use for treatment of diarrhoea in dairy calves. The intervention consisted of modification of management practices for disease prevention, health evaluation training of farm staff, implementation of an algorithm directed at antimicrobial therapy for diarrhoeic calves, and monthly farm visits. A combination of retrospective (before intervention period [BP], 1 year) and prospective…

The phenomenon of multidrug resistance in glioblastomas

The most common and aggressive brain tumor in the adult population is glioblastoma (GBM). The lifespan of patients does not exceed 22 months. One of the reasons for the low effectiveness of GBM treatment is its radioresistance and chemoresistance. In the current review, we discuss the phenomenon of multidrug resistance of GBM in the context of the expression of ABC family transporter proteins and the mechanisms of proliferation, angiogenesis, and recurrence. We focused on the search of molecular…