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julio 8, 2021

Complete Genome Sequences of the Methicillin-Resistant Strain Staphylococcus aureus 17Gst354 and Its Prophage Staphylococcus Phage vB_StaphS-IVBph354

We report the complete 2,783,931-bp circular genome sequence of the human methicillin-resistant strain Staphylococcus aureus 17Gst354, isolated from a nasal swab. The strain possessed an additional 4,397-bp plasmid. Moreover, we induced and sequenced its temperate phage Staphylococcus phage vB_StaphS-IVBph354, which has a circular genome of 41,970 bp.

<em>In vivo</em> Emergence of Colistin Resistance in Carbapenem-Resistant <em>Klebsiella pneumoniae</em> Mediated by Premature Termination of the <em>mgrB</em> Gene Regulator

Multidrug-resistant (MDR) Klebsiella pneumoniae is a severe threat to public health worldwide. Worryingly, colistin resistance, one of the last-line antibiotics for the treatment of MDR K. pneumoniae infection, has been increasingly reported. This study aims to investigate the emergence of evolved colistin resistance in a carbapenem-resistant K. pneumoniae isolate during colistin treatment. In this study, a pair of sequential carbapenem-resistant K. pneumoniae isolates were recovered from the…

Khat Chewing and Clinical Conditions Determine the Epidemiology of Primary Drug Resistance Tuberculosis in Amhara Region of Ethiopia: A Multicenter Study

CONCLUSION: Primary drug resistance is a public health problem in the study setting. Different behavioral and clinical conditions were significant factors of primary drug-resistant development. Mitigation strategies targeted on the patient’s clinical condition, substance-related behaviors, and universal DST coverage might be very important for early detection and treatment of RR/MDR-TB to prevent community-level transmission.

Profiling Pretomanid as a Therapeutic Option for TB Infection: Evidence to Date

Tuberculosis (TB) is the most deadly infectious disease globally. Although most individuals achieve a cure, a substantial portion develop multi-drug resistant TB which is exceedingly difficult to treat, and the number of effective agents is dwindling. Development of new anti-tubercular medications is imperative to combat existing drug resistance and accelerate global eradication of TB. Pretomanid (PA-824) represents one of the newest drug classes (ie, nitroimidazooxazines) approved in 2019 by…