Antibiotic stewardship for urinary tract infection: A program evaluation

Geriatr Nurs. 2021 Jul 6:S0197-4572(21)00229-9. doi: 10.1016/j.gerinurse.2021.06.012. Online ahead of print.


Evidence supporting the use of antibiotic stewardship programs (ASP) is growing in a variety of healthcare settings for its association with improved patient outcomes, decreased resistance, and improved healthcare costs. There have been few studies supporting this evidence in long-term care facilities. This project involved a program evaluation of a long-term care facility's ASP for urinary tract infection (UTI) management. Improvement in appropriate diagnosing and antibiotic prescribing for UTI was noted, but no conclusions could be made regarding the effect on patient outcomes. The ASP was considered beneficial in this facility and highlighted areas for improvement, notably the need for sustained commitment by facility leadership and healthcare providers. Nurse practitioners are equipped with the skills necessary to assist facilities with education and implementation of systematic programs for judicious antibiotic prescribing.

PMID:34238611 | DOI:10.1016/j.gerinurse.2021.06.012