Candida auris, what do paediatricians need to know?

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Candida auris, what do paediatricians need to know?

Arch Dis Child. 2018 09;103(9):891-894

Authors: Warris A

The newly recognised and emerging fungal species, Candida auris, has caused worldwide invasive infections and has been implicated in difficult to control hospital outbreaks. Challenges are encountered in the correct identification of this fungus as commonly used phenotypic and biochemical methods fail to differentiate C. auris from other Candida species. Its resistance profile, over 90% of isolates are fluconazole resistant and 35% are resistant to amphotericin, confronts clinicians with the restricted arsenal of antifungals and concerns about optimal treatment. The very first C. auris isolate was recovered from a paediatric patient in retrospect. Although infections with the more antifungal-resistant Candida species are less frequently observed in paediatric patients, this seems to be different for C. auris infections.

PMID: 29545411 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]