Candidemia in Colombia

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Candidemia in Colombia

Biomedica. 2020 03 01;40(1):195-207

Authors: Cortés JA, Ruiz JF, Melgarejo-Moreno LN, Lemos EV

In Colombia, especially in intensive care units, candidemia is a frequent cause of infection, accounting for 88% of fungal infections in hospitalized patients, with mortality ranging from 36% to 78%. Its incidence in Colombia is higher than that reported in developed countries and even higher than in other Latin American countries. First, the patient’s risk factors should be considered, and then clinical characteristics should be assessed. Finally, microbiological studies are recommended and if the evidence supports its use, molecular testing. In general, American, Latin American, and European guides place the echinocandins as the first-line treatment for candidemia and differ in the use of fluconazole based on evidence, disease severity, previous exposure to azoles, and prevalence of Candida non-albicans. Taking into account the high incidence of this disease in our setting, it should be looked for in patients with risk factors to start a prompt empirical anti-fungal treatment.

PMID: 32220174 [PubMed - in process]