High presacral collection approached through the perineal route: A novel computed tomography-guided technique

SA J Radiol. 2021 Mar 11;25(1):2014. doi: 10.4102/sajr.v25i1.2014. eCollection 2021.


For a definitive diagnosis of abdomino-pelvic lesions, percutaneous aspiration or biopsy is often necessary; however, finding a safe 'window' for access is challenging. This case report discusses a novel method to approach a deep pelvic collection and also briefly reviews the various approaches to access such lesions. A sample was obtained from a non-resolving presacral collection using a CT-guided percutaneous, trans-perineal approach with repeated sessions of hydro-dissection. Successful aspiration and analysis revealed multi-drug resistant tuberculosis, thus guiding appropriate management.

PMID:33824745 | PMC:PMC8007994 | DOI:10.4102/sajr.v25i1.2014