Management of TB/HIV co-infection: the state of the evidence

Ghana Med J. 2020 Sep;54(3):186-196. doi: 10.4314/gmj.v54i3.10.


Tuberculosis (TB) and HIV are strongly linked. There is a 19 times increased risk of developing active TB in people living with HIV than in HIV-negative people with Sub-Saharan Africa being the hardest hit region. According to the WHO, 1.3 million people died from TB, and an additional 300,000 TB-related deaths among people living with HIV. Although some progress has been made in reducing TB-related deaths among people living with HIV due to the evolution of diagnostics, treatment and antiretroviral HIV treatment, multi drug resistant TB is becoming a source of worry. Though significant progress has been made at the national level, understanding the state of the evidence and the challenges will better inform the national response of the opportunities for improved patient outcomes.


PMID:33883764 | PMC:PMC8042796 | DOI:10.4314/gmj.v54i3.10