Sudden loss of vision in an Acute Medical Unit.

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Sudden loss of vision in an Acute Medical Unit.

Acute Med. 2014;13(1):26-8

Authors: Arif M, Jordaan J, Garcia Arias V

We present a case report of young man with Type 1 diabetes who developed acute visual loss after initially presenting with diabetic ketoacidosis. The diagnosis of invasive paranasal sinusoidal aspergillosis was made following CT and biopsy. Although uncommon, visual loss is a recognised complication of disseminated aspergillosis and is more likely in immune-compromised patients and those with diabetes. Early investigation with appropriate sinus imaging and involvement of the Ear Nose and Throat team in recommended when patients with diabetes develop acute visual loss in the context of a non-specific infective illness.

PMID: 24616901 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]