[The Great Imitator; Clavicular Tuberculosis Mimics a Metastatic Neoplasm].

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[The Great Imitator; Clavicular Tuberculosis Mimics a Metastatic Neoplasm].

Kansenshogaku Zasshi. 2015 Sep;89(5):588-91

Authors: Mikawa T, Miyoshi K, Fujita K, Hase R, Hosokawa N

In the same manner as syphilis, tuberculosis (TB) was often called "The Great Imitator". We have to consider not only malignancies but also TB as a differential diagnosis when we find any tumorous regions. We report herein on a rare case, clavicular osteomyelitis due to TB. A 72-year-old female, with diabetic nephropathy, was on maintenance hemodialysis. She had a fall 2 months prior to admission followed by pain around her right clavicle. Ulceration occurred in that region a month prior to admission, and CT scan revealed a fracture of the right clavicle with a tumor surrounding that area. Seven days prior to admission, she went to a neurologist because of dizziness. MRI of the brain revealed a tumor in her pons. The physician suspected the tumor was metastasis. Needle biopsies revealed only necrotic tissue so the medical oncologist consulted us because they suspected it was caused by infection of some kind. From the patient's history and the physical examination, we suspected TB osteomyelitis and grew some more cultures, but only MRSA and E. coli were detected. We administered vancomycin and cefmetazole for the secondary bacterial osteomyelitis. After a month of hospitalization, we found miliary regions on her chest CT and Mycobacterium tuberculosis was grown from the needle biopsy specimen. We started multi-antituberculosis therapy and the patient had a good prognosis. We report herein on a rare case of clavicular osteomyelitis due to TB, together with a review of the literature.

PMID: 26630791 [PubMed - in process]